Lollita’s PicNik


This Photo Is for Zenith’s photo contest.. I chose to go as much simpliest I could with this one and play with colors to make a vintage photo. Like a photo from the past. My theme is “Lollita’s PicNik”. And here is the small story of this photo:

Lollita was a shy girl..she never trusted people as much as she trusted animals. Her favorite thing to do was taking long walks in the woods where she could meet with her animal friends and have a picnik with them. On the first Spring’s Sunday she was so excited! She woke up early in the morning,ran in the kitchen and filled her little picnik basket with goodies..she then ran in the woods. She was so happy,she didn’t notice that she went so deep in the woods and she lost her way. Everything was dark around her,she was so scared! But suddenly she heard a a curious kid she was she decided to see where it comes from.  As she was walking the melody was louder and she was able to see a bright light. And there is was..behind the trees and in the middle of nowhere a beautiful Caruzel!   What a beautiful surprise..and all her animal friends was around playing! She found the right place to take her first spring picnik 🙂
That place was her little secret and she locked it in her heart forever!
Many many years later a curious little girl went to her grandma’s attic..she found there an old chest. Inside of it there was a beautiful dress,a basket,a diary and a photo.She took them with her and went to her grandma asking what are all these. Her grandma smiled at her and told her to read the diary.
She worn the dress,took the basket that her grandma filled with goodies and she went under a big apple tree to read the diary.She was amazed took the photo and decided to search for this beautiful scene in the woods..
She found it or not nobody knows..
In the night where everyone is sleeping you can hear the mysterious melody coming out from the woods..
Since then many curious kids searching for the Caruzel..        

🎀Dress: =Zenith=Vintage Picnic Dress (all colors) Maitreya – RARE @shinny shabby
🎀Basket: =Zenith=Spring Picnic Rattan Basket B (Light) @shinny shabby
🎀Socks: =Zenith=Vintage mid socks (Pink) -Maitreya @shinny shabby
🎀Ring: =Zenith=Vintage Rose Ring (Gold) @shinny shabby
🎀Hair: [taketomi]_Akemi_
🎀Mesh Head: Genesis Lab. Liu worn with Genesis Lab. ASOL Skin applier group gift (fee to join)
🎀Mesh Body: Maitreya -Lara-  

Ofc I wasn’t lost in any woods..when I thought about my theme I knew the right place for my photo..taken at The Keys .   



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